Borgo Dolciano

A reality that was born and developed in the 19th century, inside the hunting residence of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, who gathered around him the homes of the peasants who worked on the estate.

Today these houses have been carefully renovated and transformed into unique apartments. Each different in characteristics and peculiarities, where you can spend relaxing holidays of nature, culture and good food and excellent wine.

With the arrival of the warm season it is possible to enjoy, in the beautiful secular park that surrounds the whole village, the splendid swimming pool totally surrounded by greenery.
The Dolciano hill is dominated by an elegant 18th century villa and its splendid garden. There are many other buildings scattered around the surrounding area including an attractive church. The dwellings of the peasants who worked on the farm, factories and other farmhouses were built in the late 19th century. Through a skilful renovation of these rural houses, the Borgo Dolciano holiday homes complex has developed.

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